Saphire is an 8 year old Quarter Horse Cross. 14.2 Bay with lots of chrome. Very showy mare. Always gets compliments. Saphire is a pretty hot horse. Ive had her since she was 5. Since then she was started on barrels. Shes been to a Rusty Quamm Clinic and Kelly Byrne. Saphire was runnin 3D to 2D times. Shes been to SBRA finals two years in a row. She averaged 3rd in 3D at Moosomin and was 3D champion at Beinfait (Sams Barrel Extravaganza) Saphire is too good of a horse to be sitting in the pasture, with having a baby I dont have the time for her. A good home is a must where she will be used everyday. She loves to run. Would make a kick butt gymkana pony with a little more time in the other events.